20 Seconds A Day. . .

A commercial for UNICEF USA has a celebrity ask the viewers, “What would you do if there was child right in front of you . . . and all you had to do was give .50 cents a day to save that child’s life?”

And, rightfully so, viewers are moved to give.

I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you.

I am asking you to think of an unborn child that may or may not be “right in front of you” and believe all you have to do is give 20 seconds a day to save that baby’s life.

Not 20 cents . . . but 20 seconds.

I was wondering if you would Spiritually Adopt an unborn baby.


For those of you that “know” me . . . you probably know I long to have more children.  You also probably know that last year my husband, son and I Spiritually Adopted a baby . . . and in October we were stunned when we witnessed a miracle.  Then, four months later, that miracle was reaffirmed and made clear to me that God longs for and loves our prayers.  If you don’t know me or what I am speaking about, please read this amazing story: God Hears Us: A Spiritual Adoption Miracle {Free Printable}.

What I am asking of you is:

1.  Print out this amazing prayer: 

Meg Florkowski designed and donated this FREE PRINTABLE click here to print:  SpiritualAdoptionPrayer8.5×11

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 9.44.18 PM.png

2. Fill in the blanks 

*choose a name

*write the date and then write the date that is nine months from today

3. Hang the prayer up on your refrigerator.  Pray it when you see it or after Grace Before Meals . . . or whenever is most convenient to you!

For nine months, take 20 seconds of your day to stop and pray this prayer

I know asking someone for time is A LOT to ask.  In many cases, people would rather give money than time.  But good news – this prayer is short, but powerful!

I am not kidding when I say it is brief.  I just prayed it in less than 20 seconds.

20 Seconds a day could mean a lifetime to another person!

If you would like more resources or information – or would like to consider getting others to Spiritually Adopt – check out: The Archdiocese of Baltimore: Spiritual Adoption Resources.  On this page I found another miracle story related to this prayer!

Read the brief testimony about how another family witnessed the power of Spiritual Adoption!

 An Answered Prayer

Why am I asking this of you?

*I think God allowed me to witness a miracle of prayer so that I would encourage you to “keep the faith” and continue talking to Him.  Miracle stories told by others have always given me hope.  Maybe our story will inspire you to pray and reassure you that prayers are heard.

* It will give my husband and I hope.  We have been home-study ready to adopt a baby for almost two years.  It can be emotionally exhausting and although we stay positive, some days we could really use a boost.  Knowing you are out there praying for a baby whose mother does not feel ready to parent, gives us the hope that maybe we will be needed.

* It will save a baby’s life and the heart of a woman who truly wants to protect her child.


So . . . will you adopt a boy or a girl?

What name will you choose for your baby?

Please comment your baby’s name below!


Are you on Facebook?  Join us for the next two weeks as we encourage each other to make the Spiritual Adoption prayer a habit and a part of our daily routine!  Click here to join: Facebook Event: Spiritual Adoption

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