Building Your Own Prayer Journal Kit

Do you always feel busy? Lately I certainly do!  Since all of our relationships need nourishment – our relationship with the Lord is no exception.  I really need the reminder to spend some time with Him – no matter how much is on the “to-do” list.


Speaking of a “to-do” list – I often find myself feeling more productive and focused when I write one!  Our prayer life can feel more productive and fruitful when we write as well.

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Writing can be such a stress relieving activity.  When we do things to relieve stress, we are making ourselves healthier and strengthening our immune system.

For these reasons – improving our spiritual life and our physical well-being – I feel called to encourage you to keep a prayer journal.

The biggest challenge I face is in finding the time to write in my prayer journal.  I have found that I have to schedule it.  It either goes on my “to-do” list, or on my social calendar, and now it is even a part of my service calendar.  I volunteer at pregnancy centers and offer the women there guidance and time to pray using a journal. Once we get started, I join them!

If you are interested on how to host your own prayer journaling party, check out this post: How to Host a ‘Sip and Script’ Party: Prayer Journaling with Friends

Prayer Journaling can be something you do in the morning with your coffee, a way to reflect during Eucharistic Adoration, or a way to “color” with the kids.  Since time is not a luxury, I suggest you keep all your prayer journaling supplies in a bag and in a place that is accessible – so when you have ten minutes, it’s all right there waiting for you!

What You Need for Your Prayer Journal Kit:

1. A Bag to Keep it All Together!
Everlasting Light – Canvas Tote Bag
Everlasting Light - Canvas Tote Bag
2. A Journal

It can be as simple as a plain notebook, like this one on Amazon: Mead Composition Book

Or a more elegant one like these from DaySpring:

Dear God – Christian Journal – $9.99
from: DaySpring Cards Inc

Dear God – Christian Journal – $9.99

from: DaySpring Cards Inc
Created to Be Beautiful – Christian Journal

Illustrated Faith – Praise Book
Illustrated Faith - Praise Book
If you prefer a more guided journal, check out this list of AWESOME journals! 10 Best Journals for Busy Women

3. Colored Pencils and Other Fun Stationary


  • Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils – these colored pencils are THE BEST!  Let your adult self enjoy the step up from Crayola and Rose Art – and enjoy the quality these pencils offer!
  • Glue Sticks and Scissors – I love to glue holy cards and coloring pages inside my journal.  When I was teaching my last prayer journaling class, one of the women there asked if I had the scrapbooking scissors – I didn’t, but thought – what a great idea!  So I added them to my list 🙂
  • Holy Prayer Cards – I love to write out the prayer on the one side in my journal and glue the image side to the page.  You may have some of these in your home laying around.  Another way to add these to your prayer journaling kit is by asking others if people will give them to you.  Some people feel bad throwing them out, but honestly have no idea what to do with them – ask and you shall receive!  You can also purchase Holy Cards on Amazon believe it or not!  Check out these: Set of 10 and these Pack of 54!
  • Stickers!!! Stickers are so much fun and personally, just make me smile!  It’s so nice to look at a prayer page and like the look of it!  Here are some stickers that will really bring you some sunshine!
  • Letters Stickers – in watercolor!
  • Diary/Planner Stickers
    Illustrated Faith – 23-Piece Go & Tell Stickers
    Illustrated Faith - 23-Piece Go & Tell Stickers

4. An Oversized Pencil Case

The stationary will need to be kept organized.  Most pencil cases I have found to be to small. Cosmetic bags, like this one on Amazon: Follow Your Heart Canvas Bag  or this Mini-Tablet Pouch on Dayspring will help you keep your supplies together and give you a smile 🙂
God Does Extraordinary Things – Mini-Tablet Pouch
God Does Extraordinary Things - Mini-Tablet Pouch

5. A I Got This – 2-Pocket Folder” target=”_blank”>Folder to hold free printables!!!

I Got This – 2-Pocket Folder” target=”_blank”>”I Got This” – God 2 pocket folder
I Got This - 2-Pocket Folder

Katie at Look to Him and Be Radiant offers free printables all the time and they are perfect for prayer journaling!  Also, follow my Pinterest board for more ideas and links for free coloring pages!


Having a kit built and ready to use will allow you to get your prayer going quicker.  I know there is so little time in the day – but remember, we need to choose how we use our time.  We need to choose spending time in prayer, and making sure we don’t burn out.  We can’t afford to burn out as spouses, parents and I am sure you could name ten more important hats you wear!  Take care of your soul, your spirit and your health!

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