Dear Brave Soul Standing Outside Planned Parenthood

You are judged.


You are judged by people who feel very strongly that abortion should be legal – and legal with no restrictions.

You are judged by people who rarely think about abortion.

You are judged by people who think abortion is bad, but Planned Parenthood provides other services besides abortion.


You are also judged by Pro-Lifers who feel strongly against abortion; but have never stood outside a clinic to hold a sign or pray.

You are even judged by the person that is also standing outside Planned Parenthood, but not doing it the same way you are.

So, since you are judged by so many, yet you choose to stand there for a cause that many people avoid discussing – you are certainly brave.

Well brave one – I am going to challenge you to put your thick skin on, because this message isn’t going to be a “let me just congratulate you” post.

I am going to ask that however you stand there,  whether it is with a rosary, a sign or just a quiet presence; whether you sidewalk counsel or silently make a statement . . . I am calling you to  “add more Mercy”.

I ask that you consider . . .

  • Not holding a sign of a bloody baby.  I know someone said, “until America sees abortion; they will not reject it”.  BUT, the women showing up for their appointment need to see other signs.  They need to see a sign saying, “we can offer help” and perhaps state one way you can help.  If you can’t offer help, hold up a sign that says, “Unplanned Pregnancy? We want to adopt . . . look us up on Facebook“.  That way, even if they go in, maybe they will look on their phone while they are there and start to see other options.  Make your sign show there are other options! Also, consider holding a sign that says, “WE CAN GET YOU ANOTHER JOB!”  I mean, lots of people hate their jobs!  I’m sure abortion workers do too!


  • Going to Mass and Confession or Chapel beforehand.  Pray for the workers, pray for the patients, pray that you only show God’s mercy and love while you are present there.
  • Leave the judgements at home. Maybe you don’t need to hear this, however . . . if you are standing next to someone who is yelling at people walking into the building – call them on it.  Tell them to stop, tell them that is not helping.  In some way, ask them to “add more mercy”.
  • Invite someone to come with you. You never know who may say yes.


  • Ask your guardian angel for help. Padre Pio used to tell people to “send your guardian angel” to him if they could not physically get to him.  Saint Bernadette once said “When you pass before a chapel, and do not have time to stop . . . tell your Guardian Angel to carry out your errand to Our Lord in the tabernacle.”  And Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote, “[T]he swiftness of the angel’s movement is not measured by the quantity of his power, but according to the determination of his will (Summa Theologica, I, 53, 3, ad 1)”.  You can ask your Guardian Angel to help someone – ask your angel to help the woman change her mind.  What have you got to lose?


  • Pray the Spiritual Adoption Prayer daily. This prayer is extremely powerful and does save lives.  I feel like God wants me to tell you that.  If you haven’t already, I urge you to read the experience my husband, son and I had with this prayer God Hears Us: A Spiritual Adoption Miracle {Free Printable}
  • Talk to the Dads (if you can). Who knows, maybe they are there because they really feel they can’t afford to buy more diapers – tell them where they can get free diapers, formula and so much more.  Most people have no idea all the help crisis pregnancy centers provide.  Share that information – share it whenever you can to whoever will listen! If you are wondering what resources are out there, here is a start.Dear Beautiful Woman Considering an Abortion You probably know more than me – please feel free to add links in the comment section!


  • Continue to offer HOPE, and peace. The women going in there for abortion appointments don’t feel hopeful.  Ask God to help you show these women that there is hope.  And when someone gives you the finger – because I noticed that does happen, just say a prayer for them. Don’t give up.  Lives are saved by people like you.  I hope one day you get to experience that (if you haven’t already)!

P.S. Thank you

<3 Amy

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