4 Toys for 4-year-old Boys!

toys-958693_1280Whether you are shopping for a nephew, grandson or one of the dozen birthday parties you have on the calendar this month – I figured I would offer some insight from my vertically challenged, adorably bright, teacher I spend a lot of time with ūüėČ

Plus, Santa needs to be conservative this year. ¬†When I finally start Christmas shopping, or when someone asks, what should we get for X . . . I want to make sure my response is NOT, “I had ideas, but now I forget them all”!

I hope these suggestions help you in your shopping!  The best part about this list is you can shop right from it Рand not have to leave your home or enter a toy store!

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Our son LOVES playing with a flashlight.  He enjoys being read to as well, and we want to keep that love of reading in his heart!  So my first idea is to get at least one of the Shine-A-Light Books!

Shine-A-Light Books


On the Space Station ( A Shine-A-Light book)

On the Train (A Shine-A-Light Book)

On the Plane (Shine-Light-Book)


Our son picks up random objects (like paper towel rolls) and looks through them, pretending that it is something that is helping him see better, so I am thinking . . .


The¬†Shock Proof 8×21 Kids Binoculars Set¬†looks perfect and has incredible reviews!


Matchbox Cars and Sets

My friend’s son left matchbox cars here . . . and my son loves them! ¬†We have cars, and a pre-school track, but I think it is time to upgrade! ¬†Amazon suggested other tracks that were “more affordable”, but honestly, I think he will love and play with this one the best!¬†Matchbox 4-level Garage Playset


Let’s not forget the cars and the¬†Matchbox 72 Car-Case. ¬†This gift is for mom just as much as it is for that adorable little boy! ¬†We need a place to call “away”!


A Game that is NOT Chutes and Ladders or Candyland

Not that there is anything wrong with those games . . . except that mommy and daddy would appreciate something different. ¬†We also have a Paw Patrol game that my son LOVES . . .but, it’s CandyLand and Chutes and Ladders together so . . . it’s like we play those games all.the.time! ¬†Here are two games that are fun and a nice break from the traditional.

Thinkfun Zingo and Spot It

zingo-09-07 at 4.27.58 PM.jpg

Do you have a suggestion for an awesome gift?  What does your four year old love to play with!?


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