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We are being bombarded by Christmas marketing, holiday catalogs and shopping countdowns.  The material world we live in has us thinking, whether we want to or not, what we will be buying this year and when will we buy it, wrap it and then finally sit down and enjoy all the decorating we did! (Confession – I love it!) We all know though, when it comes to giving, there is no greater gift than one’s time.  Also, for a mom or any busy woman, “me time” is so necessary  to”recharge our batteries”.  It’s so nice to be given time to sit down, relax and not feel an ounce of guilt about it!  Since we can not really give time in a bottle, but we can give wine in a bottle;  I am going to suggest some ways to give the special women in your life the gift of “me time”.  I hope you find this interesting, entertaining and think of a woman that will like one of the following “movie, wine and chocolate” combinations.  You can always add depth to the gift by adding a pair of pajamas – and I am so excited to tell you there are actually wine themed pajamas!!! You can also add a magazine, a magazine subscription or a bookstore gift card. Don’t forget to add some prayer with these wine and chocolate gifts by giving a gratitude journal, book of daily devotions or an inspirational collection of stories! Remember to give some of your time by writing a note in a Christmas card to go along with the gift.  How refreshing it is to see that someone sat down and thought about you for five minutes – especially during the crazy holiday season!  Here are some “Me-Time” gift ideas:

  1. For the “History Buff”The Wedding Singer, A pack of wine coolers and Pretzel M&M’s.  I love The Wedding Singer!  For me, this movie never gets old 🙂  In the 80’s, wine coolers were all the rage, and although pretzel M&M’s didn’t exist yet ( they are soooo good!), Van Halen (mentioned in the movie) did have a brown M&M rider in their concert contract.  History buffs will love this discussion – and gift 🙂weddingsingerpretzm
  2. For the “Book Lover”- You’ve Got Mail, a mulled or spice wine that is often enjoyed warmed, and Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates.  The warmth of the wine and the Hazelnut in these light but delicious chocolates will give the feel of a cozy coffee shop – but your friend can enjoy all of it sitting on her couch in her pajamas!spicedapplewarm1.jpg
  3. For the “Funny Friend” –Wedding CrashersMiddle Sister, Rebel Red wine (if you’ve seen this movie you know Clare was the “middle sister”, and her red headed sister was definitely a rebel!) and Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownies.  It would be classy to actually bake the brownies and give it to her – but it would be funny just to give her the box!  If you do bake it – for a friend or yourself- I strongly suggest doubling the recipe.  YUM!
  4. For the “Parks & Rec” fan –  Baby Mama, Red Wine (Perhaps Cupcake Red Velvet) and Chocolate Fudge Truffle Mousse.  Gotta have a red wine with this one in honor of the line from the flick . . .”When they play Red, Red Wine you gotta be the 103.7th caller” and the mousse is perfect, because if your friend gets any on her face or fingers, you can ask her, “is that chocolate or poop”?  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are such a fun comic duet – perhaps include movie tickets to go see “Sisters” together in this awesome present :)!babymamamidister.jpg
  5. For the friend with the HUGE family – My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Prisoner Red Wine, and Lindt LINDOR Assorted Chocolates.  I’m a huge Nia Vardalos fan – not only is she funny, but she wrote an awesome book about her life and adoption experience called”Instant Mom”.  She has a Facebook page, and I asked her what her favorite wine was on it – she told me Prisoner Red Wine – so that recommendation is from an Academy Award nominee!  A movie gift card is great to add to this gift, because the sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding is coming out in March!greekweddingchoc
  6. For the girl that loves a Love Story – How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days,  a white Port wine and Milano Peppermint Slices or the Pretzel slices – they are de-lish!  Throwing your friends favorite magazines in this one is especially cute, since the movie revolves around a magazine article.
  7. For the woman you can’t find a category for – The Proposal, a bottle of Malbec and a Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket made specifically for wine lovers!  The Proposal is hilarious and has so many likable celebrities – Sandra Bullock, Betty White and Ryan Reynolds to name a few.  Malbec goes great with most chocolates and not only does that candy look yummy, but the package is cute too.

Let me know what movie, wine, chocolate combo you would add – or if you think one of the ones I described fits you!  May your Christmas be filled with happy prayers, awesome wine and delicious chocolate!  MERRY CHRISTMAS to you!!!  <3 Amy

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