Happy Saints Works of Mercy eBook Review

As we entered into Holy Week, I started thinking,

“I need help with this one.”

Talking to a three-year-old about Jesus’ death and Resurrection is a challenge to say the least.

I found myself talking much more about the Easter Bunny than Jesus.

And wow . . . that was not what I pictured myself doing before I was a parent.

Meanwhile I am finding myself researching The Works of Mercy.  In my search I found The Happy Saints eBook: Works of Mercy I wrote to Happy Saints and asked them if I could review the book.  They sent me a copy in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own. worksofmercyebook.png

I absolutely love the first line of the book is from Scripture; specifically Matthew 25:40.

“The King will answer them ‘Most certainly I tell you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of my brothers, you didi it to me”.

This is definitely a teaching I can embrace, discuss and promote with my 3 year old or a child of any age. In fact, it’s a topic I can easily discuss with an adult.

The next line in the book translates that verse into an easy way for a child to “get it”.

“Jesus is close to those who suffer.  He is so close to them that He consoles our acts of kindness that are done for them as if they were done for Him.”

There it is – the word suffer.  My gateway to Good Friday and its meaning – in a way a child can comprehend.

  • Children will tell you how they got that boo boo
  • Children know what it is like to have their feelings hurt
  • Children know how they desire to be comforted when they are hurt (or suffering).

It amazes me how much my son mirrors my actions when the tables are turned and I am the one who is sick.  He totally gets it.  He rubs my back.  He “checks on me”.  He tells me he loves me.  He gets it.  If a three year old can reflect on that, how much more can an older child grasp helping those who suffer.

Since I only have a three year old, I printed out some of the Black and White Posters included in the book and headed up the street to my neighbors’ house.  The family has a nine year old boy and a 6 year old girl.mercybookreview1.jpg

The six year old, with her face painted like a kitten, enthusiastically started to color her saint poster. The nine year old, super cool for school boy, had to be told to start coloring, but jumped right into the task.

After they colored their masterpieces, their mother had her son read his paper out loud. He had lots of pride as he read at least one big word.  Then the mother read the poster that discussed “Bearing Wrongs Patiently”.  I could hear her emphasis on almost every word. Apparently, the two siblings have been bickering lately and this was the perfect message from above that was desperately needed. I actually chuckled as I heard her reading it – then stopping and explaining how it relates to picking on your little sister!Ameliaworkerofmercy1.jpg

The ebook contains more than just coloring posters.  There are posters provided which are already colored (which will help in discussing what colors nuns wear and how people in the middle ages did not have green hair).

The book contains holy cards (in color) which can be printed out.  I love these holy cards because the art and the text are written for children.  They could also be used for any young person’s prayer journal. The prayer cards come in two different sizes which is a neat way to give your child some freedom to pick what they feel suits them best.

The eBook also contains printable greeting cards.  These could come in handy for some extension activities, and really come in handy when a child’s friend of loved one loses a family member.

The eBook also includes badges – both colored and black and white for more coloring.  What a great way to motivate your child to act out each Work of Mercy.

If you are interested in purchasing Happy Saints Works of Mercy or other Christian ebooks click here:

Happy Saints Works of Mercy

Enjoy your spiritual journey to our Lord with your child!

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