How to Host a ‘Sip and Script’ Party: Prayer Journaling with Friends

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Time to relax and just be is something I love and need to plan.  I am always thinking about what needs to get done, and relaxing is difficult for me. But, when I plan it, I enjoy it.  I know ahead of time that I need to get things done before what I have scheduled, and that I need to rest to recharge my batteries.


My four-year-old is at a stage in his life where he always wants me.  I love him and appreciate being a mom so much . . . but 12 hours a day, 7 days a week . . . it can wear on you!  I have been trying to get him into coloring . . . but he will only do it for about 1 minute tops.  One day last week he cut paper for 15 minutes while I colored . . . I think it’s the longest he sat still in a year!  So, I’ve come to the conclusion he is not a “coloring” kid.  I have also come to the conclusion that I am a “coloring” kid!  Lucky for me, adult coloring is all the rage 🙂


I have also realized it’s pretty hard to find time to do things like “write in my prayer journal” when my son desires my attention, the house is a mess, and my family needs to eat and my to do list is pages long.

So this dilemma led me to plan what I called a “Sip, Script and Scribble” Party.  Which basically meant that I invited my friends over to drink wine, color, eat chocolate and maybe even some healthy snacks and hang out.  It was really fun!  If it sounds like fun to you, this is how I did it:


Pick a date, get the word out, and make sure to explain what exactly you are planning . . .

Since I am pretty sure I made this idea up, I had a lot of explaining to do after I chose the date.  I made a Facebook event and texted and called friends that don’t use Facebook that often.  I discussed my desire to write in my prayer journal and explained that I could never find the time.  I also mentioned that some people may not feel comfortable writing out their prayers with a group, so I said that was an option, but so was coloring a quote from Scripture or simply a page out of a coloring book.  I let everyone know that I was providing wine, snacks and a “time-out” from all of life’s many responsibilities.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!


Remember that this is meant to be a little “retreat” for you too!  I gave each of my guests a folder, a notebook, a Holy Card with Jesus on it and a pen.  The folder had some free coloring pages I found online, a summary of what I wrote in my article How to Prayer Journal, and some “Journal Starters” that I had found in a Saint Katharine Drexel booklet. Some of the journal starters were: “I am grateful for . . .; I felt sad when; I ask God for;  I am not sure about.. .; etc. I put out colored pencils, scissors, glue, crayons, holy cards and stickers.  I also had some snacks out and the wine uncorked.  I actually couldn’t believe at one point early on when all my guests were sitting quietly coloring . .. I had time to color!  Was this a dream??? Wow!  Being prepared gave me time to sit still!  And apparently the other women were really happy to have the same!! For helping prepare, and having your own supplies for the long run, I love DaySpring – check out this perfect kit for prayer journaling!


Part of my prep work was making sure there was seating together, but also making sure I had a few side tables set up in case a woman wanted some privacy to write out her thoughts and prayers.  I had only 3 guests and they all preferred to sit together, but, that option was there in case they wanted some time to sit alone and reflect.  I bought some flowers and put them on the table.  I took a mug out of my cabinet and put some markers and colored pencils in it.  I found some disposable table cloths that were left over from a birthday party.  That was the extent of my decorating.  My guests weren’t there to analyze my Pinterest skills, they were there for the wine and company! This is meant to relieve stress, not cause it!  Remember that!

Give a brief introduction,share some samples and play some inspirational music in the background


The page above is from an awesome new coloring book!  Check it our on hereLiving Sparks of God: Stories of Saints for Young Catholics to Color.  For me, adult coloring books can be to detailed, and time is an issue.  This was perfect for me!  I used part of the Saint Joseph pages to pair with my novena to Saint Joseph!

At first when my guests came we spent time in the kitchen pouring drinks, snacking and talking.  We did that for a good amount of time.  Then, when I invited my friends to pick a place to sit, I invited them to check out their folders.  I told them what I put in it and showed them a few pages from my own journals.  Since I had known a few weeks ahead of time that this event was happening, I made sure to take five minutes out of each day and work on my own journal in order to have a sample of what I envision as a prayer journal.  Having the deadline of the party helped me at least get one picture colored! I wanted to have songs like “I Can Only Imagine” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” playing, but that is something I have to work on for next time 🙂

Enjoy Your Time!!!


The above coloring page is from Look To Him and Be Radiant and is a free printable! 

I couldn’t believe how much my friends dived right in!  Apparently I am not the only one who enjoys coloring 🙂  Take the time you have been waiting for and join in the fun!


Share with one another and admire each other’s work!

I loved seeing how beautiful everyone’s artwork turned out!  I was inspired by them!  It was fun seeing a finished work and showing others!


Plan another event!

Chances are not everyone could make it . . . and chances are you won’t have time to do it again unless you plan it!  At my next party I will be even more prepared!  Here’ a new coloring book I will use next time.  I love it – inspirational quotes, adult coloring style – but not so much that I would be able to finish my page in one sitting! Check it out: Color Happy


Post pictures on Social Media!

I would love to see how your party went!  Post pictures on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! #sipandscript or #prayerwinechocolate!  I would love, love, love to see you having fun and I am sure you will inspire me too!

Enjoy, God Bless and Cheers! xoxo Amy

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