Last Minute Gifts for “Impossible” People!

Two disclosures before I start: first, this post contains affiliate links; second, I am one of those “impossible” people!

Only how many days until Christmas??  It’s crunch time!  Here are some gift ideas if you feel stuck!

  1.  A soft, comfy, throw blanket.  I bought one for myself the first time I went Christmas shopping this year.  My mother-in-law bought me one last year and it’s the softest blanket ever! I have slept with it every night this year!  I have gotten throw blankets for my husband in the past, and he says that I “always get the softest blankets”.  I got one for my grandmother last year.  One size fits all!  And look – here’s one on sale on Amazon – and Prime shipping! throwblanketamazon
  2. A whole lot of Lottery tickets! My grandmother LOVES the scratch off lottery tickets.  So this year, I bought her a bunch of them, and I am using clothes pins to “hang” them on a piece of yarn.  I will wrap the string of yarn in a box and I’m pretty sure it will be her favorite present.  I certainly hopes she wins big!lotterytix
  3. GIFT CARDS – I feel like we love to get them, but don’t love giving them.  We fear that it looks lazy.  But who doesn’t LOVE a gift card?  There’s always something we wish we had gotten, but didn’t.  With a gift card, we can go get it.  Visa gift cards are great, but so are “store” specific ones.  I love a Barnes and Nobles gift card.  If I get one, I have an excuse to walk around that store for an hour – by myself.  I might even finish a whole cup of coffee while it’s hot.  And if you are shopping for a woman, and know where she gets her hair done – JACKPOT.  Get her a gift certificate to her salon.  Getting your hair done is so expensive – but we all get it done!  T.J Maxx . . .another store that is so fun to shop at . . . I could go on.  I will suggest some “add ons” next if you feel like you can’t just give a gift card.
  4. Gift Card with some “add ons” – For men, skip the tie and tools.  If the man likes tools, give him a gift card to Home Depot.  I feel like giving a man tools is like giving a woman make up.  They’re not all the same, let them pick it out.  However, a nice add on for a man is a scarf, coffee (if they have a Keurig, k-cups are awesome gifts), and chocolate.  Also, if a man loves to golf, find out where they golf the most and get them a gift certificate for that course!  Add ons for women can include socks (as add ons, please don’t give this as a gift and that’s all)!  We all have the sock problem – we can’t find matches!  I’m wearing socks that don’t match as I type!  Other add ons are of course wine, and chocolate.  Add a Christmas ornament to hang on the wine bottle – one that reminds you of that person to make the gift personal.  And remember, if you would like it, most likely someone else would too!godivachoc
  5. A photo album with pictures in it – The dollar store sells the little ones that fit in a pocket book! You can also get bigger, nicer albums on amazon (still time for 2-day shipping).  People love pictures of themselves – the selfie stick is a thing – need I say more??  If you are on Facebook, you can easily get pics of you and this certain someone.  Go to your friend’s page, click the 3 dots next to “message” and click “see friendship”.  You’ll then see a bunch of pics that you are both tagged in!  Most places will let you print pictures out from Facebook (CVS, Target, Walgreens, etc.).
  6. An experience –  This can be written in a card, no prep work has to be done (besides, you’ll have to find a date that works best for both of you).  Write in the card that you would love to spend a day together, so you’ll pay for lunch and a movie.  You can probably think of many other ideas, but here are a few:* wine tasting; *a live show; * shopping; *out for coffee and lunch,*do something “touristy”; paint and drink wine night; hike; etc.
  7. Anything Fair Trade – These gifts are mainly crafts, coffee and chocolate – but with an added bonus of doing a good deed for those in need.  Bread for Life is another fair trade organization that offers many gift options and expedited shipping, since time is running out!

What did I miss?  If you have an idea, please comment!  There are people reading this that need help 🙂 !  Remember to stay Merry and Jolly!!!

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