Mercy Mania! Learning From Others

What I learned about Mercy from other bloggers . . .



  • Recognizing that someone is doing the best they can at that moment can make forgiveness and mercy a little more accessible.  (Laurel at
  • Be vigilant in finding joy in our blessings.  The devil wants to steal our joy.  Remember that God’s Mercy and grace are endless. ( Jen at Into Your Will )
  • Our pre-born children are just as deserving of our efforts and charity as any other person out there. And, through the words of Pope Francis’, to focus on the heart of others and seek how much generosity each and every person is capable of . . . (Mary at Better Than Eden)

“The call of Jesus pushes each of us never to stop at the surface of things, especially when we are dealing with a person.  We are called to look beyond, to focus on the heart to see how much generosity everyone is capable.” – Pope Francis

  • TAKE TIME TO DO NOTHING!  Burnout is real, and we need to show Mercy to our selves! Lydia at Flourish In Hope reassured me that this is okay by quoting Saint John Paul in a letter to his friend Teresa:


    You need to wait things out, some time to do nothing, and, simply, patience.” Saint John Paul II


  • If I want to change I need to make a concerted effort to try some new things, especially as a mom and especially when I having a tough time parenting or being patient. Sometimes showing mercy to our children is hard – especially when everyone is tired and cranky!  But if I make an effort to simply try something new, it could provide some relief and possibly laughter in place of whining! (Ma Britta at Cuppa Catholic)
  • Next time I am tempted with the “give-me’s,” ask the Holy Spirit to give a heavenly perspective on what matters most! ( Emily at Divine Mercy for Moms )
  • The purpose of marriage is to suffer together and encourage one another in virtue as you seek to follow Christ. (Meg at Held by His Pierced Hands )

I hope you enjoyed this journey of Mercy with me!  Special thanks to the following blogs that help me learn more about Mercy!

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