Prayer, Wine, and Chocolate Gifts for Every Occasion!

Whether you are shopping early for Christmas, or need a gift for any occasion – the theme of prayer, wine and chocolate is usually a win, win, win!  All three of these things can bring comfort in times of sorrow and help us celebrate the joyful times!

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Now, you may or may not know – I am extremely picky!  I don’t like having a lot of stuff – so the stuff I am going to recommend will be practical.  I love giving and getting presents – but I’m all about presents being useful and something that will be loved!

Here are some things I would love to receive – all revolving around the “prayer, wine and chocolate theme”.  All gifts can include an added bottle of wine 😉

I suggest giving a present that includes one gift out of each category.


A Miraculous Medal 

 This Miraculous Medal is perfect for everyday wear.  I love this type of Miraculous Medal because it is small, simple, matches everything and I can wear it to bed comfortably.  This is on my Christmas list <3.Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 9.34.52 PM.png

A Coloring Book Devotional

I love this devotional/coloring book.  I could see myself choosing a page to reflect upon and color; then cutting it out and glue into my prayer journal.

Eucharistic Adoration Reflections 

I love how the reflections in this book are set up.  Short and simple – not a lot of reading so more time to reflect and meditate.

The Rosary: The Prayer that Saved My Life 

 Immaculee’s testimony to her faith in God is awe-inspiring.  Her story and Christian example is amazing.  In this book, Immaculee shares how the Rosary has helped her in every aspect of her life, from graciouswordsliterally saving her life to strengthening her faith, easing sorrows, changing heartache into happiness, healing illnesses in herself and others, solving family problems, landing a dream job, finding long-lost friends, and even locating lost keys!

The “Gracious Words” Rosary Bracelet 

or really anything from Christian Bling.  Jewelry is a nice gift and this company focused all the pieces on Scripture and prayer. I also love the necklace “Endless”.  I enhanced that piece by adding a Miraculous Medal and wear it frequently. IF YOU MAKE A PURCHASE with Christian Bling through, WRITE IN PARTY NUMBER 1825, AND YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED TO WIN FREE HOSTESS SHOPPING! WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN DECEMBER 14TH!!! Merry Christmas!!!


Wine socks! 

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-9-51-34-pmI strongly suggest we all buy these before they are sold out.  I think the same women who’s moms were searching the world for Cabbage Patch Kids whatever many years ago that was – will be searching the world for these socks this year.  That is my prediction.  I hope they are not already sold out!

Wine pajamas 

I need new pajamas – and they are a really popular gift around Christmas time.  Might as well have fun with it and get the wine themed ones!!!

Tasting Wine and Cheese: An Insider’s Guide to Mastering the Principles of Pairing 

this book is a great add on to a basket full of wine goodies!  I love wine and cheese as well as wine and chocolate!

Pretty Decor!

This Set of 6 Warm White Wine Bottle Cork Lights are so pretty!!!

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 10.40.39 PM.png


My absolute favorite recommendation for chocolate right now comes from the Trappistine Quality Candy – chocolate made with love and prayers by the Nuns of Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey!  This gift brings prayer and chocolate together perfectly 🙂

three hearts.jpg

The dark chocolate hearts pictured above pair perfectly with red wine.  They are also a big win for anyone who likes a sweet treat, but doesn’t want to feel guilty about it afterwards.  They are the perfect size for just the right sweet craving.

The Santa Pops are the perfect add on for any Christmas gift – so cute and delicious!!!


Add this free printable to your gift.  It will guide the recipeint on which wines go best with milk chocolate vs. which wines go best with dark chocolate.  Special thanks to Meg Florkowski for designing the printable.

Click here for free printable: Prayer&PairCOLOR

Contest time!!!  I would LOVE to see pictures of your “prayer, wine, chocolate” themed gifts!  Email a picture of your “prayer, wine, chocolate” themed gift to Amy at; and you are entered! Winner will win a free gift from me – Amy – keeping the theme in mind of course!  Contest is only open to subscribers – so make sure you filled out this box and confirmed your subscription!  Please only send pictures if you don’t mind me sharing them and showing off your talent 🙂  Winner will be chosen December 1, 2016!!!  Best of luck!

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