Prayer, Wine, Chocolate, Easter.

For years my husband and I longed to have children. When holidays came around, our desire for a family intensified.  It didn’t seem right for two adults to sit around dying Easter eggs. The absence of a child was, well . . .a downer.

In our effort to keep our spirits high, my husband and I gave one another Easter baskets.PrayerwineEaster.jpg

And now, we have a child!  And this year, finally . . . he’s old enough to “get it”.  I am not sure how I can explain the excitement I had when I walked into Stutz Candy Shop!

I love gift giving. I love gift shopping. And now I have real reason to do both on Easter.

But as I walk around the store, I see gift ideas for my son, for all of my friends’ daughters, for my grown up friends, for my husband and for me.

If you need or want ideas for a grown man’s Easter Basket . . . I got you covered with a whole other post!  Check out Men and Diabetics like Easter Baskets Too!

We are lucky enough to be invited several places on Easter.  Giving a hostess gift is always a great way to say thank you, and walking around Stutz Candy  provided some unique ideas.

Some of the following are affiliate links for which I am compensated. I try to keep these relevant and few in number, but they help me to continue to provide this service.

For Women – Young and Older:tea

  1. Candy Coated Chocolate Seashells – When I saw these I immediately thought of five different people I wanted to give them too.  Any beach lover would love these – especially since we are getting closer to ideal beach weather!
  2. Easter/Spring decorated Chocolate Covered Pretzels – I had planned on giving these as a hostess gift, but after taking several pictures they fell and broke open.  I thought, well, I’ll eat one and re-package the others.  They are gone.  I think I might have to order more . . .
  3. Brix Chocolate for Wine Pairing – I love this chocolate, especially since it tells you which chocolate goes with which wine on the box!  Perfect to give a friend, girlfriend, wife, or hostess with a bottle of wine!
  4. Little Lessons from St. Therese of Lisieux Book – This book is an absolute treasure!  Appropriate for an older daughter or even a Mom, Aunt, Grandmother, Goddaughter or friend.  If you like to put books in Easter baskets, I highly recommend this book for any daughter ages 12 and up.  I also think it would make an adult Easter basket look absolutely stunning – and adds prayer to the wine and chocolate already in there 🙂
  5. Mystic Monk Tea or Coffee – Some people enjoy a cup of tea more than a glass of wine.  This is the perfect alternative.  And I love how it was prayerfully made by monks!
  6. A bottle of wine.
  7. A pre-made Easter Basket – Some people don’t enjoy the shopping and putting the Easter Basket together part.  I have to admit, sometimes it’s frustrating when you have an idea in mind of how you want it to look – and it doesn’t turn out that way!  And since we are down to the wire with time – this may be the best way to go!! Easter Basket Ready to Gift!

For Children:easterlittleflower1.jpg

  1. Candy that looks like legos!  Yes!  I was so excited when I saw this!  Our son doesn’t play with legos yet, but I know he will be so excited about this candy! I imagine a lego fan would LOVE these!
  2. The Little Flower: A Parable about St. Therese – This book is stunning and has the most beautiful, uplifting message. This is the perfect gift for a little girl – ages 1 day to 10 years old. I wrote a whole post about it here: Beautiful Little Flowers: The Little Flower Book Review.
  3. Books for boys and girls – Press Here is a great one!  So is Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes.  When we are at story time in the library, 20 three year olds are totally silent and mesmerized by this book!
  4. A Chocolate Easter Bunny – I love how Stutz has so many choices – including an Easter Bunny on a motorcycle!  I also love how Stutz has a variety of chocolate crosses as well.
  5. Stickers! – Stickers are so fun – and not expensive at all!
  6. Retro Candy – What a fun way to walk down memory lane with our kids!
  7. Lamb Prayer Buddy – Adding a stuffed animal to an Easter Basket gives it a little more love.  This stuffed animal reminds us who the holiday is about and is simply adorable! This stuffed animal is great for boys and girls – and all ages!

And before I go . . .

HAPPY EASTER!  I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the Lord’s Resurrection!

I also hope you enjoy dying Easter Eggs, seeing family, participating in egg hunts and eating candy :).  I am sure that if you have children, I do not have to remind you that they are the greatest blessing from above.  I do ask you to remember that some couples are still hoping and praying to be blessed with children – so holidays can be tough.  If you know a couple, please consider giving them a little something – a little extra love – and most importantly – words of hope and prayers for God to bless them with a child or children to love.

And post those Easter Egg pics!  Those pastel colors make the world a little brighter!

God Bless!

Love and Prayers,

Amy <3


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