Seven Ways Catholics Can Mix Faith and Fellowship

I have been yearning to write this post for a while – and was finally motivated this morning when I saw this article: Why Are Catholics Notoriously Bad at Fellowship?

As a young “middle-schooler”, one of my best friends used to say she couldn’t play that night day or evening because she was going to “fellowship”.  Sometimes, she would even invite me and I would go.  If that never happened, I’m not sure I would have any place for that word in my vocabulary.  Even before seeing the above mentioned article, I wondered if Catholics even used that word!

Catholics need fellowship!

Friendship and faith is an awesome combination!  Here a some ways that I have encountered faith and fellowship in my spiritual journey:

Combine a Shrine Tour with a Wine Tour


Somewhere near you is a church, monastery or shrine that would be a nice place to visit and pray.  Afterwards, head to a local vineyard or winery (want to find one near you – use this website: Closest Winery)

If you would like to visit the Saint Katharine Drexel National Shrine before it closes – or would just like a day of fun, faith and fellowship – join us!  There are still some spots open!!  Get more information here: You’re Invited: The First Prayer, Wine, Chocolate Retreat! {And Giveaway}

Find a Young Adult Group

The Philadelphia area has a few of these.  I found one in my twenties that was about a 40 minute drive from my apartment.  I am now aware of one that is much closer – and even though I am not really a “young adult”; these cool younger folks invite me to some of their events, and I never  out of place!  If you are in the Philly area, check out: Fire of Faith  Another one that is starting out in the Philadelphia region is Loving Our Life.  This group is about to burst because it is starting groups at all five A Baby’s Breath Pregnancy Centers.

If you can’t find one in your area, consider starting your own!  Contact the Philly ones – they are happy to give you tips on how they started!



Start a Rosary and Wine Night

A few friends of mine started one when we were in our 20’s . . . but it was inspired by our friend’s mother who took us to one of her rosary nights. We started these nights because we wanted a place to share our hearts’ troubles, and because it was the last season of Friends and we wanted to watch it together :)We probably did introduce the wine part – but we talk so much at these nights, we barely get done our first glass!  Friends ended years ago, but our Rosary nights still keep us connected and make our friendships extra strong.  If you are not totally sure about this idea, check out this post! Five Reasons to Start a Rosary Group If you like the idea of combining prayer, wine and chocolate, check out thsi post: How To Throw a “Prayer and Pair” Party! {With a FREE Printable!}How To Throw a “Prayer and Pair” Party! {With a FREE Printable!}

Throw a Prayer Journaling Party!

Prayer journaling can be an extremely intimate and personal activity – but it also can combine adult coloring with prayer and meditation.  I recently started leading these parties, so I wrote a post about how you can host your own!  Check out: How to Host a ‘Sip and Script’ Party: Prayer Journaling with Friends

If you live in the Philadelphia area, and would like me to come to your home or parish to guide one of these awesome gatherings, contact me at  I’d love to come and help!  Plus, it gives me some time to color and prayer journal – I love it!


Morning Mass and Coffee

Some of you amazing folks already attend daily Mass.  That is so beautiful, and something I would like to attempt – or at least try to go more often.  If you attend morning Mass – ask someone else there to grab a cup of coffee after!  You don’t have to talk about the readings or homily!  Just enjoy each other and that cup of amazingness!

Find or Start a Book Club

As luck would have it, a nearby parish has a mom’s group that meets the first Tuesday of every month.  This mom’s group is called The Saint Gianna Mom’s Club, and meets to discuss a book.  This year, we are reading Divine Mercy For Moms.  If you are not a mom, or are a working parent, starting your own book club might work better!  Plus, if you start your own, you can FINALLY read that book you have been wanting to read.  Have a night out on the calendar is a nice added bonus as well!

Volunteer with a Pro-Life Group or the Saint Vincent de Paul Society


It wasn’t until this past year that I became more active in the Pro-Life movement.  I have found that so much love and service is out there for women who truly desire to choose life, but feel like it really isn’t an option.  If this is not what you are passionate about, try the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  This group takes the Gospel message of charity to so many people in need!  It’s amazing the friendships that can develop when we serve others together!

Do you have an idea about sharing faith and fellowship?  Please share it with us!

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