Ten Reasons To Plan a Day with Tastings and Tours

The first Prayer, Wine, Chocolate Retreat was a huge success.  One of the reasons for its success was the fantastic service of Tastings and Tours.  From the very beginning, the owner, Linda Jeffreys, worked with me to create a very unique experience for our group. I told her my vision, and she made it happen.  The driver was more than a driver – he was a tour guide, a camera man and a member of the party!  The relationship Tastings and Tours has with the wineries we visited were clearly familial. As I planned this day, experienced it and reflected upon it, I could not stop thinking of all the reasons they should be hired again!  Here are just some of the reasons to hire Tastings and Tours!



1. Bar Crawls are so last year . . . or last decade . . . or just not your thing.

A Tastings and Tour Day out brings the fun of a bar crawl some major class.

2. Your Annual Family Picnic or Cousin Party needs a new twist.

My roommate from college has awesome cousin parties – and our family has discussed the idea before.  I could totally see getting family members to wear an ugly Christmas sweater and signing up for this fun day.  It would be a festive blast!!!!

3. You and your spouse want to “day-date”, but neither of you want to drive.


Having someone drive my husband and I around really feels like a luxury.  I can’t wait to take him on one of these tours!

4. You are planning a 30th, 40th or even 50th birthday party.

This is such a fun way to celebrate someone’s special day.  It’s also probably a much easier way than planning an entire party!  I highly recommend this!

5. You want to plan a work party, but your goal is to not be Michael Scott from The Office.

Tastings and Tours has experience planning corporate events.  You’ll be the coolest boss in the world if you plan this for your employees!


6. You are down the shore and want to plan a fun day where sand doesn’t get everywhere.

Did you know the Cape May area has several vineyards, a brewery and a distillery?  What a great way to spice up your next shore vacation!

7. You want to get together with friends, but most of you are too tired to do a girls’ night out.

Maybe this is just me and my friends . . .

8. You love wine, he loves beer.

I’m already excited about the possibility of planning a group date day!

9. You love history and wine (or beer)!

Tastings and Tours can even arrange tours and tastings at historic landmarks such as Fonthill Castle in Bucks County! I am so excited to try this!  My husband and I both love history – and what girl doesn’t want to go to a castle!??

10. You live in or near Cape May, New Jersey or Bucks, Lehigh, Berks County PA; want to feel like and be treated as a VIP.

Whether you are planning a bachlorette party; a joint bachelor/bachlorette party or just want to get a group of friends together – this is such a fun, easy to plan option!


Tastings and Tours provided a free tour to one Prayer Wine Chocolate reader in this previous post: You’re Invited: The First Prayer, Wine, Chocolate Retreat! {And Giveaway} This post is written in gratitude for such wonderful service and the hope to work together in the future.

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