The Good Deed Wake Up Call (and 7 ways you can brighten the world today)

The Good Deed Wake Up Call (and 7 ways you can brighten the world today)I overheard my four year old singing a familiar song the other day . . .

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine . . .

It warmed my heart.  He really does let his light shine.  We all have that ability in us.

It is said that:

A Good Deed Brightens a dark world

Such a simple truth.  But we forget in all our busyness to think about and do “good deeds”.

And when I say “we” . . . I really mean “I forget”.

Time seems to be such a commodity, I almost “worship” it.

I am often too busy to give my son and husband my full attention.

I often feel like I don’t have time to take care of my own household . . . let alone help someone else in their’s.

And this month I had a major wake up call.


Our family experienced a dramatic change, and I witnessed scores of people change plans, give up their own time and resources . . .and give . . . give in incredible ways to my husband and I  . . . and our family.

What a wake up call!

I thought I was generous and kind . . .

By the example of others I learned that I could be much more generous and thoughtful!

I learned – or became very aware- of how much I hoard “my time”.

I was reminded that all the time I have is a gift.

I am amazed of how many of my friends, neighbors and family members are so generous with that gift.

The generosity given to us has made me aware of how much more I could give . . .and give without expecting anything in return.  I am amazed at the good deeds we have been the recipients of . . .

Our world was made brighter by some simple, yet amazingly loving acts of kindness …

7 Ways You can Brighten the World Today


     1. Make more than your family can eat at dinner . . . share some with  a neighbor or a family that has been battling the flu or a virus.

     2.  Help a new mother by holding her baby or doing her dishes.

     3. Rally behind someone who is having a fundraiser . . . share their  hopes and dreams with everyone you know!

     4.  Pay someone a sincere compliment.

     5. Mow a neighbor’s lawn.

     6. Help someone who appears to be lost (like physically lost, not a “lost soul”!!)

     7. Take the time to give to a person who does not know you.  (You can purchase a Be Yourself Journal for a student in Philadelphia for only $10! Check it out here:  

Be  Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Girls

ps.  This would be two good deeds – I would be so grateful if you helped me do this as part of a fundraiser (#3!!!)

How has someone brightened your world recently?


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