The Rose Garden: A Baby’s Breath Adoption Group

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 6.36.11 AMWho we are:

The Rose Garden is a group founded by A Baby’s Breath created for those interested in joining other adoptive parents for support, fellowship and prayer.

The Rose Garden is meant to provide four main services:

1. A place where members can gather to pray and offer thanksgiving to Our Lord.

2. A group that provides emotional support and guidance for couples that face challenges often unique to those who battle infertility and become a family through adoption;

3. A means of communication to women facing unwanted or unplanned pregnancies that the option of adoption is available.

4. A place online where members can safely ask questions and seek guidance on the local and national level.


What we do now:

  1.  Hold local meetings monthly at A Baby’s Breath in Warminster, PA.
  2. Provide guidance to couples considering adoption, group prayer and guest speakers relevant to adoption and pro-life topics.
  3. Provide online support through The Rose Garden group on Facebook.

Our Future:

  1.  The Rose Garden continues to welcome new members.  If you know of any adoptive parents seeking a support group or of any couples considering adoption, please let them know about our group!
  2. We hope that our group provides a place were couples are matched with a woman choosing life over termination.  Our latest guest speaker, Dr. Monique Ruberu, strongly encouraged our presence in the 40 Days for Life Campaign and to be trained in Sidewalk Counseling.  Dr. Monique Ruberu assures those considering sidewalk counseling that:

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 7.00.18 AM

When we are there in love and kindness we have the opportunity to save a life… women aren’t there because they want to be… they are there out of fear and because they think they have no alternatives… we are ther to offer them alternatives … when people are there to pray numbers of abortions drop. At times those mothers may choose adoption. That may be your future child you are saving.

3. Seek more donations to put towards marketing billboards, signs for outside clinics, etc.

Interested in joining or donating?  Call A Baby’s Breath at 215-442-0442 or email Amy at

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