What is God’s Will?


I can remember being young and sometimes wondering, in certain situations, what is the RIGHT thing to do?

As I reflect on the past – whether it was in grade school or this year – sometimes the RIGHT choice – is not always obvious or crystal clear.

Most of us want to do the right thing.  In my mind and heart – the right thing is synonymous with God’s will.

Thankfully, as I have aged, most situations in my life do not bring confusion.  God wants me to be kind and patient – with everyone.  Now, sometimes that is quite challenging, but I still know that is what is right.

But, there are times where we wonder – what is God’s will?

I look back at my 20’s.  I had a boyfriend.  Did God want me to do whatever I could to make sure that relationship stay in tact?  Or did he want me to move on?  At what point do we stop holding ourselves accountable and just let go and let God?

Being far removed from that situation now, I realize I needed to “let go and let God” a lot sooner than I did.

Maybe that lesson needs to practiced in my life a lot more.

I feel like a lot of us like to have control – or at least feel like we are in control.  But really, are we?

As I thought about the day ahead of me this morning, I looked up yesterday’s Gospel reading.  Then I looked up today’s readings.

What a feeling of relief came over me when I saw the passage from Galatians!

What is God’s will?  God wants us to be:







faithful to Him


God wants us to display self-control



I am so grateful that I can not only see God’s will in Scripture, but also in the words of holy men and women who have modeled a deep love for Our Lord.

Perhaps I need to keep it simple and remember the words of Saint (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta:

“Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.”

What I am starting to realize is, when I struggle with the question, “what is God’s will”, I am putting to much emphasis on me.

I need to let God do His job and trust Him.

God’s will is not complicated.  Love Him first, and our neighbors as ourselves.

Live in the present.  Trust God with the future.

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