Love, Your Guardian Angel

I must have directed my 3 year-old to do this and stop doing that more than 100 times today.  He listened once or twice.  I’m not going to exaggerate and say he listened three times.  He definitely didn’t listen to me that many times today.  Oh, and his “best friend ever” . . . he too tested my patience today.  I think the throwing of the bike down a small flight of stairs might have been a breaking point . . . but

“See that you despise not one of these little ones, for I say to you, that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven” Matthew 18:10


Well . . . their angels might have been looking towards heaven, but they were looking at each other giggling almost every time I put them in time-out.

It was that kind of day.

But, I am here to tell you there is a friend you have that is much more obedient than my three-year-old.  In fact, he’s more obedient than you or I.

Your Guardian Angel is a real spiritual being.  I have been reading up on them ever since I heard that people used to send their angels to Padre Pio if they could not get to him personally – and that he saw them and spoke with them.  This fascinated both my husband and I.  I decided that I wanted to learn more.

Throughout my reading, I kept thinking and asking . . . what is it I should know about my Guardian Angel?  I kept wondering, if I were to talk to my guardian angel like Padre Pio could, what would his response be to:


“What should people know about their Guardian Angels”?

With that question in mind, I found the following answers in my research.

  1. God has given every person a Guardian Angel.

  2. There are angels everywhere.  Not only do people have Guardian Angels, but towns, cities, diocese, countries, etc.

  3. The main purpose of your Guardian Angel is to help you avoid sin, stay in a state of grace, and get you into heaven.

  4. Your Guardian Angel watches and prays with you in hours of distress.

  5. If you feel called to the vocation of marriage, your Guardian Angel will- if you call upon him- help you find the life companion whom God has destined for you.  If you are called to a religious life, he will help you preserve your purity.heartcloud.jpg

  6. If you want to picture what he looks like, picture a being gazing at Our Lord in heaven with more joy and peace on his face than you have ever seen on the face of any person.

  7. Your Guardian Angel desires your friendship, your gratitude and in times of affliction or temptation or fear – your guardian angel wants you to implore his aid!

  8. It doesn’t matter if you are religious, or spiritual, or how much you don’t or do pray – you still have a Guardian Angel.  (See # 1)

  9. Our Guardian Angels obtain powerful graces for us from the mercy of God – they moderate our passions, remove hindrances to our use of grace and assist us to resist temptation.angelassist.jpg

  10. Since Biblical times, Guardian Angels have protected people from physical dangers (for example, St. Peter was rescued from prison by an angel). Trust that your Guardian Angel has preserved you from many unknown dangers.

  11. Guardian Angels are always with you – yet you can send them to others.  Saints have stated that you can “send your angel” places.  For example, Padre Pio told those that could not get to him to “send their angel”.  Saint Bernadette stated, “When you pass before a chapel and do not have time to stop for a while, tell your Guardian Angel to carry out your errand to Our Lord in the tabernacle. He will accomplish it and then still have time to catch up with you.”  I love how Philip Kosloski describes this phenomenon using the words of St. Thomas Aquinas: [T]he swiftness of the angel’s movement is not measured by the quantity of his power, but according to the determination of his will (Summa Theologica, I, 53, 3, ad 1) Philip explains further, “Angels are not bound by a material body like we are and so they can move super fast, the speed of “thought”…much faster than Superman. So if you ask your Guardian Angel to help someone else out, they will be back at your side before you realize.”

  12. Your Guardian Angel is a gift to you from God.  A friend given to you that will never leave your side.  Don’t forget to talk to him once in a while 😉

Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here, ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and to guide. Amen

Most of the information shared in this article came from this pamphlet available on Amazon (in case you are interested in reading further):

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The Guardian Angels: Our Heavenly Companions

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