Mother’s Day Gifts for Plant Killers

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There’s a phrase: “Go big or go home”!  When it comes to Mother’s Day, I think that is the perfect motto!

Before I was a mom, my one friend would say, “I only care about two days – my birthday and Mother’s Day.”  I didn’t really get it . . . until I became a mom.

So, if you are lucky enough to still have your mom in your life, or if you wife is the mother of your children, for Mother’s Day – GO BIG!

I write this from my own perspective and experience.  I killed my husband’s 30-year-old cactus.  No really, I did. I wish I could grow a beautiful garden.  I wish I enjoyed digging in dirt to get there.  I don’t. I want no parts of it . . .except the looking at it’s beauty.

If you know someone like me, or any mom, here are some ideas that will not give anyone anxiety about planting or gardening!

Step 1:  Get a BIG Basket!

These can be purchased at Michael’s or A.C.Moore!


Step 2:  Write a Letter

You are probably thinking I am going to say write your mom or wife a letter.  I’m not.  I’m going to strongly suggest you get out a pen and an nice piece of paper and write a letter to Our Lord.  Start just like any letter – Dear Lord, Dear Jesus, Dear God the Father, etc.  However you feel most comfortable.  Then write a letter to Our Creator thanking Him for the woman this gift is for.  Write all the reasons and memories that make your heart feel grateful for this woman.  Then, in your letter, ask God to bless this woman.  Ask Him to give her good health, ask Him to give her what she desires for herself, her children, her family and her friends.  Ask God to give her an amazing Mother’s Day and year.  Add whatever special prayer you have for her.  Then, fold up the letter and put it in the basket. The woman you prayed for will love reading that prayer!  And this cost nothing – added bonus!

Step 3:  Add Wine and Chocolate

Include a bottle of red and a bottle of white.  If your budget only allows for one bottle – red goes great with dark chocolate.  Personally, I recommend Sea Salt Truffles.  Here’s a link if you like to order from Amazon: Chocolate Sea Salt Truffles.  Although almost every mom loves wine, they almost all love some form of caffeine too!  Add in some Coffee and Tea to help with all the days they can’t sleep in!  Mystic Monk Coffee has a gift package made for Mom’s and a cute mug too.  Mugs are the perfect opportunity to add more chocolate!  Try to remember what your lovely lady was eating around Halloween – throw some of that candy in the basket to make her smile and feel nostalgic :).  If you want to add some unique chocolate, check out the delicious candy made by Trappistine nuns!


Step 4:  Provide Gift Cards and Time to Use Them!

We LOVE gift cards!  All women, not just moms!  Mothers want to have time to relax and feel beautiful.  Gift cards for a spa, nail salon, hair salon are total winners!  If you live in or near Philadelphia, I highly recommend a gift card to Salon Blush for a “bombshell makeover”.  My headshot on my “About Me” page was taken there – after they did my hair and make-up.  I felt like a celebrity.  How awesome is a gift that makes you feel like a celebrity!

Gift cards to restaurants are also AMAZING.  A night where a mom does not have to cook or clean up is such a gift!  If your budget is tight, make your own “gift card”.  Take a piece of paper and write, “I will make you dinner – and clean up”.  Or “One free breakfast in bed.”  If you are doing breakfast in bed – do it later in the morning – let her sleep in first.  She will LOVE the gift of sleep!


Step 5:  ADD GIFTS!

Adult coloring books are a big hit now.  DaySpring has a cute one: Whatever is Lovely Coloring Book. Don’t forget to add coloring pencils and put them in this adorable pencil case!  A journal would be a nice think to add in (check out my post 10 Best Journals for Busy Women {And Giveaway!} )    More ideas for gifts include:


Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s . . . and all those praying to become a Mom!

Love, Amy

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