10 Best Journals for Busy Women

How do you relieve stress, pray, and allow yourself time to be creative?  For me, I can do all of those things through writing in a journal. Recently, I went on a search for journals I would use and recommend.  After looking at MANY, I found some gems!  Here are the journals I think you would enjoy using and allow you to grow closer to the Lord, achieve goals you have only dreamed of and see the beauty that is already in your life!

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1. Gratitude: A Daily Journal

This journal is published by Jack Canfield, the creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and D.D. Watkins.  I ordered this journal in January of 2015 and used it almost daily.  I love how it gives every date of the year and a just few lines to write.  I loved using it so much that I bought it again this year.  It really helps place my head and heart in a state of gratitude and thanks at the end of each and every day; and it only takes me five minutes to complete.

2. Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration

On my quest to find the best journals for busy women, I headed to Barnes and Nobles’ bookstore.  I did not go to the “journal” section at first.  I went to the “self-improvement” section.  It was here that I found START WHERE YOU ARE.  I love this journal.  It has all different fun prompts that are not to deep, but really fun.  It has inspirational quotes in fun works of art.  When I came home and looked it up, I found out it is an Amazon Best Seller.  Author Meera Lee Patel is a self-taught artist that uses bright, happy colors while encouraging the person who is using the journal to bring out their inner creator.

3. The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspirationjournalingpinkorange

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE writing lists.  I feel like it helps me have a plan and feel productive. This journal bases every entry on writing a list.  From listing your goals and dream to listing your favorite sweets and treats, this journal will have you looking at life  from all different perspectives.

4. Quieting Your Heart: 6-Month Prayer Journal

I love how simple and fun this journal is set up.  One space for a personal prayer, one space for prayer requests, a prompt that says, “Lord, teach me to . . .” and an inspirational quote.  These sections are asking me to get my colored pencils out and decorate the page and color the cute picture.  I love it.

5.  Hail Mary Catholic Journalphilomenajournal1

I was going to include a plain notebook in this list, and that same day I saw this show up on my Facebook newsfeed.  I love a blank canvas that allows me to paste inspiration from a devotional or even song lyrics.  I like the idea that I can use this space to write a letter to Jesus or the words of a novena prayer.  Having a journal with this stunning image on the cover gives it an added sense of prayer. I also recommend having a ton of fun making the inside of your blank journal pop with your creativity.  I found these cute writing prompts and thought they would be fun to paste in a journal entry.  Check them out here: 31 die cut faith prompts. Also, you can get really creative with this kit from Dayspring: Illustrated Faith Art Kit

6.  Travel Journal

I use this Ellie Claire travel journal for all my blog/writing ideas.  Life is a journey – so even though I haven’t been on a plane in ten years, this journal suits me.  I love the cover style.  It looks classic on the book shelf.  I love how the inside pages have an “old map” color and inspirational quotes (from Scripture and historical figures). Another bonus to this journal is the folder pocket in the back – which is barely noticeable, but a great place to put holy cards and other inspirational papers.TravelJournal

7. A Guided Devotional Journal

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World is such an awesome guided journal.  Can’t we all relate to Mary and Martha!?? Everyday as a mother I struggle to decide if I am spending enough time just enjoying my son and am I spending enough time on my responsiblity as a homemaker? Like Mary, I long to sit at the Lord’s feet…but the daily demands of a busy world have me relating to.I found this journal on Amazon for $21.55 but Dayspring has it on sale for $17.99.  Here is my affiliate link for the better price! Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World Journal

8. Walk with the Saints Journal –

This journal has lined pages, saint quotes and illustrations. Most pages are blank, but I like that it also offers “how to” pages. How to pages include: St. Francis de Sales guide to Morning and Evening prayer; List of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit; and an Examination of Conscience.

9. A Coloring Book Journal coloredpencils.jpeg

I absolutely love this journal!  It not only includes coloring pages with inspirational quotes, but also bookmarks, greeting cards and gift tags! This journal is great alone and as a companion to a writing journal – I could see cutting out some of the bookmarks, etc and pasting them alongside my written prayers and reflections! There are other coloring book journals to peruse before you decide!  Here are some other lovely choices: Inspiring Words Coloring Book Journal and Whatever is Lovely

10. DaySpring Bible Journal

No matter how busy we are, we really should take time to pray and read the Bible.  Some people love Bible journaling – I have never done it, but I definitely think I would love to give it a try!  I chose this particular Bible journal because I love the cover and the extra-wide margins and there’s plenty of space for art journaling biblical truths! Also, for a limited time, DaySpring is offering $25 off any $75 purchase. Use code 25SAVE at checkout.

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