Dancing in the Rain(ing Roses)

Dancing in the Raining

In one of Prayer Wine Chocolate’s very first posts, Raining Roses, I shared my sincere belief that if you ask them, Saints will pray for you.  I talked about how one of my favorite saints,  Saint Therese’, once stated,

“I will spend my heaven doing good upon earth. I will let fall from heaven a shower of roses.”

When I pray a novena to Saint Therese – for nine days consecutively, without wavering in my petition – she intercedes for me – and as an added bonus, she sends a rose or roses.


There have been many times when I have prayed this novena and have been blessed with roses, but that article talked about three “big” blessings I attribute to St. Therese’ intervention.

The first blessing was becoming a wife, the second was becoming a mother . . . and the third . . .well the third had yet to be fully revealed:

The third story has yet to come to it’s conclusion, but I believe it will soon. In January I prayed a novena to Saint Therese’ for two of my friends and for the intention that Matt and I would be blessed with another child. On the eighth day of this novena Matt and I went to a surprise birthday party. It was held in a two-bedroom apartment in Philadelphia. Almost immediately upon arriving I noticed roses everywhere.

I went on to say that the presence of roses was “so overwhelming I actually started counting the roses in the vases (I’m the life of the party, I know). I stopped counting at 80.”

That novena I prayed in January of 2015 had three specific intentions.

The first two intentions were for two of my girlfriends.

I prayed that they would find a partner whom they could trust and who would truly love them.  Those two friends are now in relationships that give them joy, each with a man that gives her respect, friendship and hope.


The third intention was that “Matt and I would be blessed with another child”.

I am so happy and excited to announce . . . we have been BLESSED!!


Since our family is growing through adoption, there are many details I will probably never share – since it is not my story to tell.  There is more I will share eventually . . . but for now, please know . . . this novena has brought me more blessings.  I am so happy and grateful . . . and I want to share it again with you!

Is there a hope or dream tugging on your heart?  Is there someone you pray for often and you love them so much you just can not wait to celebrate some wonderful, happy, blessings with them?  The gift of prayer is worth more than any material gift.

I want to encourage you to ask Saint Therese’ to pick you a rose from the heavenly garden for you!

Here is the prayer!  Pray it in your heart. Write it in your journal.  Say it with faith.  And if you get a chance, come back and tell me all about it!!!

rosesfromheaven.jpegO Little Therese of the Child Jesus

Please pick for me a rose

from the heavenly garden

and send it to me

as a message of love.

O Little Flower of Jesus,

ask God to grant the favors

I now place with confidence

in your hands

( mention your special prayer request here )

St. Therese, help me to always believe

as you did, in God’s great love for me,

so that I may imitate your “Little Way” each day

Would you like to know more about the saint who sends roses?  Check out her autobiography!

Story of a Soul

Would you like to introduce Saint Therese’ to a child?  Check out this gorgeous book by

The Little Flower: A Parable of Saint Therese of Lisieux

Need something in between? Check out:

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