God and His Timing

“Any word . . .” was the text that I got this week that I still didn’t answer.



It’s not that I don’t have an answer.  I do.  It’s just not the kind of answer that makes people think, “oh yeah, she’s totally normal (read sarcastically!!!)”

Ya see, “any word . . .” means:

“Have you heard anything about what was – or could still be – a possible adoption match?”

The short answer is, “not really.”

But the inside my head and heart answer is “not from the woman we met with, but God is answering me, and being a little “loud” about it.”


In the past day, week, month and year I have seen, witnessed and experienced these amazing “signs”.  Maybe they are called “signal graces”  [I will be googling signal graces later, but my gut tells me that term is a better way to describe what I have experienced].

God keeps showing me and telling me:

 My timing is perfect”

This week I have felt this message being “louder” in a sense.

There are things in the works I only once dreamed of . . . and I hear God saying, “this before baby . . .”

And my heart leaps with gratitude.

Here is just a small example of what has been happening A LOT lately . . .

Today I went somewhere on a whim . . . and received something just a few days ago I realized I needed (or at least really wanted).

Let me explain . . .

On Sunday I am having a “prayer journal party”.  I actually have a much cooler name for it, but bottom line, friends are coming over and I am hosting a “How to ‘Prayer Journal’ Class”/ let’s have a girls’ day with wine, adult coloring and – if the guests feel comfortable -prayer journaling.  I volunteered to lead a class on how to journal at a local crisis pregnancy center next month, so I am going to discuss some ideas I have with my guests coming over on Sunday.  Plus, I am getting some much needed time to do what I never have time to do.  Pray.  Pray in a way that brings me peace and joy.

My thought this week was . . .I have all of these holy cards to offer – but no Jesus holy cards! Recently, I started a new prayer journal.  I left the first page empty because I want Jesus to be on the first page  . . . just like He was in my first prayer journal.


This is a picture of the Holy Card I pasted on my prayer journal from the year 2000.

Plus, I want to have pictures of Jesus to offer the women I guide through my version of “prayer journaling”.

So, today, in between going to the Post Office and getting ice cream with my son; I stopped at that crisis pregnancy center with two never used baby items that had been sitting in my basement for 4 years.  I stopped in to say hi and give my donation.  I mentioned to the volunteer there that I was leading the next class and if she had any holy cards she didn’t need, to please donate them.  She responded,

“I think there are some in that drawer behind you.”

I opened the drawer and saw tons of pens, markers and other stationary supplies.  This was clearly a stationary supply cabinet.


On top of all those markers, pens and other stationary supplies was a stack of holy cards wrapped in a rubber band.  They were all the same.  They were all Jesus.  And they were the exact holy card I had on my first page of my prayer journal from the year 2000. Just bigger.

Then a client walked in for an appointment.  She just happened to need the two things I brought in as a donation.

Then my son and I went to get ice cream at the dairy farm.  I had a strong feeling, since it was a nearly 100 degree day, that the cows would not be out. Honestly, that’s a huge reason why we go there to get ice cream. It makes it a fun event, “let’s go see the cows and get ice cream” is a very fun event for a four year old (and this city girl haha)!  The cows were not out, but we bought ice cream and ate it.  As we went to leave . . .the cows started to walk out of the barn and onto the pasture.  We stayed a little longer.  My son counted them.  It was very exciting ;).

To me, God was saying . . .

Yes, it is Me and yes, I am reassuring you.  Trust Me.  I am really good with timing.”

So, in answer to “any word . . .”

No . . . but I heard a lot of “words” before that ended up being just words.

I’ll just keep looking up and believing . . .

God’s timing is perfect 🙂

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