Trading in My Stitch Fix for The Happy Catholic Box

There seems to be a subscription box craze happening.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Stitch Fix – that’s the one that got me.  I bought myself a subscription for my 40th birthday – and a Christmas present combined. A few good pairs of pants later, I put the subscription on hold.  Some clothes are a necessity, but most are a luxury.  Getting mail can make one feel like a kid again – especially when it’s NOT A BILL!  But that’s the thing about Stitch Fix – it’s a hidden, sneaky, bill!

And honestly, let’s talk about happiness for a minute.  We’re all searching for it.  We all desire it.  We’ve all experienced it and want more.  But some things only bring temporary happiness.  In fact, most things only bring temporary happiness.  For those of us blessed with the gift of Faith, we know true happiness, peaceful joy comes from one source: Our Loving Lord.HAPPYCATHOLIC1.jpg

So, in my search for peace, joy and yes – happiness-  I’m making the switch.  I’m trading in My Stitch Fix for the one subscription box that will lead me to the Lord – and allow me to have a smile in my mailbox along the way!

Here are the Five reasons why I’m Trading in My Stitch Fix for the Happy Catholic Box:

  1. That cookie.  What cookie you ask?  Well, the first month I tried the Happy Catholic Box, there were quite a few amazing gifts in the box, but by far my favorite was Little Portion Bakery ‘s St. Clare’s Breakfast Cookie.  I never knew these amazing – I choose to call them healthy – treats existed.  Had I never gotten the Happy Catholic Box, I may have never found them.  They.are.amazing.  Were you expecting a more spiritual, inspirational number 1?  I’m sorry, I need to tell the world about this cookie.  Now that I got that off my chest, I can move on to the next reason.
  2. My Five Senses were both pleased and gave Praise.  I don’t know how they are doing it, but the aroma that arose from the boxes when I opened them were amazing.  The first box had that cookie.  It smelled and tasted as though it was just baked in my kitchen.  Somehow, it really did smell and taste that fresh.  This month, the tea from Mystic Monk coffee was pleasant and offered instant aromatherapy.  I did not realize you could send smells through the mail – unless you spilled perfume.  Not only did I see a beautiful presentation of gifts – for me- I smelled sweet aromas, tasted an amazing cookie, and I will be tasting some awesome, delicious coffee.  The last box had a music CD in it that allowed me to hear such soothing, worshipful, and peaceful music. And one box had amazing lip balm – made by nuns – that made my chapped lips feel healed.  I am amazed at how the Happy Catholic Box tickled all my senses!HAPPYCATHOLIC7a.jpg
  3. I’m supporting faithful Christians.  Each box has had some awesome products made by humble monks and nuns.  Mystic Monk coffee is phenomenal and made by a cloistered Carmelite community in Wyoming.  They sustain themselves and their Christian vocation through the making and selling of coffee. My purchase of the Happy Catholic Box not only supports Catholic religious vocations, but Catholic artists, musicians and writers.  People who give their time and talent back to God with much love and passion.  I feel good about that.
  4. The Box and it’s beautiful gifts remind me to spend time with the Lord.  There is a physical presence that reminds me to pay attention to my relationship with Christ.  The box comes in the mail, the objects in it don’t vanish – but stare at me until I do something with them.  The makers of the box also include “challenges” and “spiritual aides” that allow me to think, reflect and do! From the Lenten Commitment Card to the Confession and coffee challenge  I am encouraged to grow in my faith, and provide an example for my family and loved ones.HAPPYCATHOLIC3A.jpg
  5. The Nostalgia. Each box has some treasures that make me smile and remember such simpler times!  The first box I received had a gorgeous bookmark.  Do you remember bookmarks?  I love it!  This past box had an Easter Card that I can choose to send to anyone.  A real letter/note written by me to a friend.  How awesome was it when we wrote notes to our friends in high school?  Do you remember that?  I am honestly hoping they send me stickers in the next one!  Does anyone make Catholic stickers?  I might have found my next business venture – somebody get on that ;).

I highly recommend you give The Happy Catholic Box a try, a spin or a whirl!  What an awesome way to put a spark in your prayer life!  It’s also a great change to the typical Easter/RCIA gifts, and a wonderful surprise to send friend in the mail.  Let’s not just be Catholic, let’s be HAPPY Catholics 🙂 !

Want one?

You can order one with this coupon code – CHOCOLATE for $5 off your first box!

You can also win a free one!  Enter by clicking here:

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