Catholic Social Media Influencers: Volume 2

Catholic Social Media Influencers is a group I created and manage on Facebook.  This amazing community of both men and women write, own businesses, create products and truly embrace God’s will in their lives.  Each of them inspire, educate and genuinely care for their readers.


I encourage you to

visit their websites,

follow them on social media

and consider how they can help your faith grow.

Keep them in mind if your brand desires help in spreading a message or making an announcement.

And consider looking further into the services they provide.

This week, I am featuring Jeanie Egolf,  and Anni Harry.

Jeanie Egolf


Creator of the Molly McBride series, I’m actually a retired Internal Medicine physician-turned homeschooling mom/author/artist. Art was my first love in life, but I took a brief 20 year hiatus to study and practice medicine. With the birth of my second child, I realized I couldn’t be the kind of mom–or doctor–I needed to be by continuing either of those careers in a part-time fashion. It took a couple years to acclimate to life outside a hospital, but once I stopped hallucinating pagers going off all the time, I returned to the arms of my first love, art. (My hubby is just SOOO patient with me!)


“Besides returning to the real world as a wife, mother, author/illustrator, I have also had the enormously beautiful experience of being a prodigal daughter or sorts. I lost my faith during the long, dark years I searched for answers through science, erroneously thinking that by becoming an expert in the medical field I could fill a void I now know can only be filled by Jesus Christ. I began reading theology books when my oldest was 3. Before long, I had to admit to myself, sorta like Dorothy, that, “There’s no place like home.” I came full-circle and realized Catholicism is the only faith that makes sense, yes, even from a scientific standpoint! I am passionately in love with this beautiful faith and use art and writing to do my part in sharing it. The Molly McBride series fosters vocations awareness through children’s fiction: the main character is a little girl who wants to me a nun when she grows up.”

Where can you be found on social media?

Molly McBride and the Purple Habit on Facebook.

jeanie_egolf on Twitter

What type of wine is your favorite?

Fave wine: Pinot Noir. Goes with everything.

What is your favorite chocolate?

Fave chocolate: In medicine there is a phrase “TNTC” when the slide under the microscope has so many of something it can’t be measured by eye. “Too numerous to count!” Amy, I think I told you once that the best dessert I ever ate was this peppermint patty pie at a restaurant in Destin Florida that has since closed. Noooooo! But I can make do with some dark chocolate truffles, preferably Godiva or Lake Champlain. In a pinch, I could possibly survive on Reese’s Cups and Peppermit Patties. With a nice pinot noir, of course!

What is your favorite prayer and/or quote?

Fave prayer: Our Father. It’s just so universal. I’ve had to learn it in Latin, Spanish, and even sign language, and we’re working on learning it in French in our homeschool. It really is the perfect prayer. It covers everything!

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 7.48.58 AM.png

What services do you provide?

I do freelance work as a book illustrator mostly, but I also take on other design jobs such as logos, brochures, etc. I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and a handful of other apps and programs in my work. If time allows, I will accept some watercolor painting commissions as well. To see some examples of my work, you can check out my Adobe Behance profile or visit Email me directly at with your project inquiries, and I’ll get you work estimate as soon as possible. Blessings!

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 7.50.56 AM.png

Anni Harry

Anni Profile Picture.jpg

I am a proud Army wife, who is a social-worker turned stay-at-home-mom and Catholic mommy blogger. I have two human puppies, and two furry pups. Having close to 4,000 clinical hours working with children and families, and an emphasis on military families, my mission is to spread empowerment, faith, love, education, and awareness through writing about my faith, family, and the military lifestyle.

 Where can you be found on social media?

Facebook:  A Beautiful, Camouflaged Mess of A Life

 Instagram:  beautifulcamouflagedmess

Twitter @BeautifulCamoMe

What type of wine is your favorite? .

Being pregnant or nursing now for the past five years, I have had a convenient excuse to not drink! Don’t hurt me, but I am not a wine drinker, unless you count chilled, sparkling grape juice. That said, I have learned I dislike the taste of most alcohol – if you can mask the flavor of the alcohol, I’m all for it… so, I prefer Midori Sours or Mudslides, although I can usually stomach a full Guinness, too!

What is your favorite chocolate?

A better question is what isn’t? Honestly, I love chocolate truffles – usually milk chocolate ones, but I have some negotiability with the truffles!

What is your favorite prayer and/or quote?

“Jesus, I trust in You.” Five simple, powerful words which convey the depths of Jesus’ Mercy and Love for us.


What services do you provide?

I currently provide empowerment and faith-based encouragement through my blog, along with a healthy dose of gentle parent education and guidance. I’m available to tailor posts regarding parenting and social-emotional development with children, and address family dynamics, with a special emphasis on military family life, as well. I also facilitate a separate blogging cohort, with almost a dozen individual bloggers, geared at encouraging women in all vocations.

I used to be a public speaker and family-instructor, and would love to get back into that arena in the future. Until my family and its transient lifestyle can stabilize, I am available to write for faith-based websites and doing sponsored posts. My rates are available on request!

Contact info

I can be found writing at, and can be contacted through my e-mail address: beautifulcamouflagedmess[at]


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